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Hello dear readers. I have so many ideas to share, including an interview with Alfie Kohn that I did during my sabbatical, but I am on strict schedule with this book, and so that is taking priority during my writing time. I am supposed to have the first draft completed by mid-June. Squee!

I am SO EXCITED by what I’m able to include in this book. My goal, with every chapter, is to share all the information I know, from psychology, educational philosophy, child development, my own research, and my own experiences as a public school teacher, K-8 school founder, and mom, to help parents help their children thrive in school. And it will be easy to read, like a handbook, because we parents are busy and tired and don’t need to read an overstuffed novel when all we want are practical suggestions to help our kids NOW.

There’s chapters on what choices parents really have regarding schooling as well as how to work with their kid’s teacher, how to choose enrichment options when kids need more than what the school provides, and how to deal with unique struggles such as ADHD, gifted, behavioral issues, bullying, math and reading issues, etc.

If I had the time, I’d meet with every parent and every teacher to help them help kids thrive in school. Since I can’t do that, I’m hoping this book will help do this for me.

Ok, more real content coming soon. In the meantime, here’s a photo of me at my desk, where I can be found most weekdays. Big hugs, and thank you for subscribing.

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